The best of everything, available near you.


What is Ente Kara?

Have you ever wondered if the store near you had those pairs of shoes you always wanted or the correct tube size for your plumbing works? Did you walk from store to store to get the exact rice brand to cook your favourite biryani? Here Ente Kara (EK) steps in to bring all your local Kirana stores online.

Ente Kara (EK) is a product & service search engine launched in 2022 to meet the everyday supply needs of the commoner. Whatever you need, you name it, and we have it - from your daily essentials, food, toiletries, over the counter medicines, fashion, electrical supplies.

Who we are?

We are a team of young minds that came together to tackle some pressing issues of today's business environment - maintaining goodwill, genuine rating standards, and ensuring post-purchase quality. Stemmed from God's own country - Kerala, Ente Kara is striving forward to make hyper-localities, localities, state-wide, and nation-wide bloom in harmonious self-sufficiency. Hence the name Ente Kara (a Malayalam word) meaning 'My Land'.

How do we work?

We understand the trust, convenience and swiftness you enjoy shopping from your local vendors, which is why we created an interpretative app for you. You can find your trusted local vendors already onboarded into Ente Kara and select your product from a clearly categorised catalogue. Eventually, we will grow to include a wide variety of services and online bookings.

For whom?

Everyone who needs anything. Ente Kara is so user-friendly that it can be used by elderlies, home-makers, college students, schoolgoers, plumbers, electricians, teachers, businessmen - well, you get the gist.